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Wildlife Safari Tour Of Sri Lanka

Wildlife Safari Tour Of Sri Lanka
Leopards, Elephants, Whale Watching And Rainforests

Sri Lanka Leopard At Yala

Wildlife Safari Tour Of Sri Lanka

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Leopards, Elephants, Whale Watching And Rainforests


Tour Schedule

10 Nights



Depart UK



Arrive Colombo 

  • Relax On Arrival At Colombo


Uda Walawe

  • Wild Elephants At Uda Walawe



  • Leopards At Yala National Park



  • Leopards At Yala National Park



  • Bundala National Park
  • Turtle Nesting Beaches At Rekawa (Jan-July)



  • The South Coast Road



  • Whale Watching At Mirissa (Nov-April)



  • Walk Through The Sinharaja Rainforest – Waterfall Trek



  • Walk Through The Sinharaja Rainforest – Kurulugala Trek



  • Negombo Lagoon Boat Trip


Sri Lanka
Arrive UK

  • Transfer To Airport


This Is A Private Tour With Your Own Vehicle And Driver-Guide


Locations Visited On This Tour

Uda Walawe National Park 

Sri Lanka’s largest elephant reserve has huge herds numbering 100 or more individuals.


Yala National Park 

One of the great national parks of Asia and the best location in the world to spot Leopards in the wild.


Whale Watching At Mirissa

The deep seas off Mirissa is probably the best location in the world to see Blue Whales and Sperm Whales.



The ramparts of an Old Dutch Fort enclose a perfectly preserved town full of historic colonial buildings.


Sinharaja Rainforest

About 60% of the endemic flora of the country is found in and around the mighty Sinharaja Rainforest.



A beach resort located just 15 minutes from the airport is ideal for a few nights of relaxation before an island tour.


Why Do This Tour?

Our safari programme is probably the most comprehensive wildlife and nature expedition of Sri Lanka presently available. Sri Lanka is now recognised as one of the world’s great biodiversity hotspots and our tour is an ideal choice for anyone who wishes to explore the fauna and flora of the island in detail.


Highlights Of Our Wildlife Programme Include:

• A visit to Uda Walawe elephant reserve and the famous Transit Home Project for abandoned elephants.


• Two separate exclusive private jeep safaris at Yala National Park to sight the Sri Lanka Leopard, the Island’s prime predator.


• An early morning jeep safari to the RAMSAR designated Bundala Lagoons National Park, one of Asia’s greatest bird sanctuaries.


• Nature trails through the vast Sinharaja Rainforest with a knowledgeable naturalist.


Recommended For: All wildlife and nature enthusiasts, nature photographers and conservation minded individuals.


When To Go?

This Tour Is Possible All Year Round


From 01 September - 15 October Yala National Park May Sometimes Be Closed To Visitors. In This Event, Additional Nights At Uda Walawe National Park And Bundala National Park Will Be Featured.


• Whale Watching is possibnle from the seas off Mirissa between November and April of each year. Trips start at 6:30 am in the morning and are of around 4 hours in duration. Please note that these are entirely dependent on the weather and sea conditions on a particular day.


• It may be possible to experience giant sea turtles coming ashore at night to lay their eggs on the beaches of Rekawa and Kahandamodara between January – July. You will need to venture out in the middle of the night under torchlight and take your chance. If lucky, it will surely be an experience of a lifetime!


Frequestly Asked Questions About This Tour?

Why Is This Tour At The Top End Of My Budget?

Sri Lanka’s Wildife Department charges very high entry fees for foreign nationals at all National Parks in Sri Lanka. Apart from this, we need to factor in Jeep Hire and Tracker Fees too.


What Is The Best Time To See Leopards At Yala?

Leopards are seen throughout the year, with slightly more sightings in the dry months of August and September. Afternoon Safaris are best for Leopards.


Is Yala Open Year Round?

The Wildlife Department has again introduced the closure of Yala National Park during September of each year in order to upgrade park facilities and to give the wild animals some respite from the large amount of vehicles entering the reserve. Bundala National Park can be substituted as an alternative during this period.


Can I Add Extra Safaris At Yala Or Uda Walawe?

Yes. If you have been unlucky with animal spottings or want to spend more safari time at Yala or Uda Walawe, extra Jeep Safaris are easily arranged on demand.


Is It Easy To Add A Beach Stay After This Safari Tour?

Yes, this tour is ideal for adding a beach stay in either the Deep South or the South West Coast.

Lake Lodge Colombo

Lake Lodge Colombo


Butterfly At Uda Walawe National Park

Butterfly At Uda Walawe National Park

Fighting Monitor Lizards

Fighting Monitor Lizards

 The Transit Camp For Baby Elephants

The Transit Camp For Baby Elephants

Spotted Deer At Yala

Spotted Deer At Yala


BigGame Safari Camp At Yala

BigGame Safari Camp At Yala

Sloth Bear At Yala

Sloth Bear At Yala

Flamingoes At Bundala National Park

Flamingoes At Bundala National Park

Turtle Nesting At Rekawa Beach

Turtle Nesting At Rekawa Beach

Turtle Bay At Tangalle

Turtle Bay At Tangalle


Ferns At The Sinharaja Rainforest

Ferns At The Sinharaja Rainforest


Red Faced Malkoha At Sinharaja Rainforest

Red Faced Malkoha At Sinharaja Rainforest


Rainforest Eco-Lodge At Sinharaja

Rainforest Eco-Lodge At Sinharaja


Crocodile At Muthurajawela

Crocodile At Muthurajawela


The flight from LHR to CMB takes approximately 10 hours.




22 Miles Approx 1 Hour


Relax On Arrival At Colombo

Arrive in Colombo and relax at your hotel or villa after your long flight.



142 Miles Approx 4.5 Hours


The Transit Camp For Baby Elephants

The Uda Walawe Transit Centre specialises in the release of orphaned baby elephants back to the wild. Some 13 baby elephants are presently handled by this centre. You can see the highly absorbing sight of bottle-feeding of the young elephants at 12 O clock feeding time.


Wild Elephants At Uda Walawe National Park

The Uda Walawe National Park has some 500 elephants that often gather in large herds to eat ‘Mana’ grass by the edge of the large lake. Elephant watching is also helped by the fact that much of the park consists of semi-open glades and abandoned teak plantations. The scenery is very picturesque as it is framed against the backdrop of the mist laden Hill Country.


This is also a great park for birds, especially raptors such as the Crested Serpent Eagle and the Grey Headed Fishing Eagle.

Day 4 - YALA


40 Miles Approx 2 Hours


Encounters With Leopards And Wild Elephants At Yala

The jewel among Sri Lanka’s wildlife reserves and one of Asia’s premier sanctuaries is justifiably famous for its population of Leopards that can easily be observed hunting and lazing around during daylight hours. The island’s big cat is attracted by the presence of large herds of Spotted Deer, Sambar (Elk) and Wild Boar that comprise its staple diet.


Apart from the wildlife, the stunning landscapes at Yala consist of strange shaped rock outcrops that are the ideal habitat of the aggressive Sloth Bear and a coastline dotted with beautiful lagoons harbouring migratory flamingoes and ferocious Marsh Crocodiles.


Around 100 Elephants are also found in and around the park. Today there are said to be 18 to 20 ‘tuskers’ in the reserve, including some huge ‘cross-tuskers’.

Day 5 - YALA

Encounters With Leopards And Wild Elephants At Yala

Yala has beautiful rocky landscapes that are the ideal terrain for Leopard encounters at places such as the aptly named Leopard Rock. The frequent sightings of this usually elusive ‘big cat’ have made Yala probably the best location in the world to observe Leopards in the wild.


Some 125 bird species have been recorded. Raptors include the Crested Serpent Eagle, and White Bellied Sea Eagle. Water birds include the Lesser Flamingo and the rare Black-Necked Stork. During the north-east monsoon the lagoons are visited by thousands of migrating waterfowl such as the White Winged Black Tern and the Pintail.




70 Miles Approx 2.5 Hours


Bundala National Park



This is a RAMSAR designated wetland of international importance. The Bundala Lagoons constitute one of the most important wintering areas for shorebirds in Asia, accommodating upto 20 000 at any given time, including the rare Black-necked Stork. The park is also the last refuge of the Greater Flamingo in Sri Lanka with about 2000 of these wintering here during the migratory season.


Apart from birdlife, the park is also home to around 30 elephants, Other mammals seen in the park are Toque Macaque, Common Langur, Jackal, Leopard, Fishing Cat Felis, Wild Boar and herds of Spotted Deer. There are also huge specimens of Mugger Crocodile and Estuarine Crocodile in the lagoons.


The Turtle Nesting Beaches At Tangalle



The beaches of Kalametiya and Rekawa are the best locations to observe giant sea turtles. Five out of the seven species of sea turtles come ashore to nest in Sri Lanka, making it an ideal country to go Turtle Watching. They are the Green Turtle, Leatherback, Hawksbill, Loggerhead and the Olive Ridley. The best time is to go out to the beach in the middle of the night under torchlight when the turtles crawl onto the beaches.



24 Miles Approx 1 Hour


The South Coast Road And The Stilt Fishermen Of Koggala

A lovely coast road passes through a succession of picture-postcard beaches and idyllic bays such as Weligama, widely acknowledged as one of the most beautiful in the world. The island’s unique Stilt Fishermen can be seen in this area during the late afternoons.


Whale Watching At Mirissa



The sea off Mirissa is the most reliable site in the world for seeing the difficult and desired Blue Whale. It may also be the best place for seeing Sperm Whales. Large Baleen Whales and Toothed Whales also come within sight of the shore.


If there are calm seas, an early morning boat trip can be arranged from Mirissa Harbour where there is an outstanding window of opportunity for observing Blue Whales and Sperm Whales close to shore. Pods of Long-Snouted Spinner Dolphins are also commonly observed on Whale Watching Trips from Mirissa.




32 Miles Approx 2 Hours


Walking Trails Through The Sinharaja Rainforest


Day 1

The last remaining extent of undisturbed tropical rainforest in Sri Lanka is of crucial conservation value having been designated by UNESCO as an International Biosphere Reserve. About 60% of the endemic flora of the country is found in and around the Sinharaja Rainforest.


Trails run through the heart of the rainforest and you will be rewarded with spectacular views of the unbroken canopy along the way. Experienced Forest Dept guides or Naturalists will accompany you safely inside the maze of trees and creepers rising hundreds of feet above the forest floor. 


Walking Trails Through The Sinharaja Rainforest


Day 2

In Sinharaja, as in any rain forest, the terrain makes visual sightings of mammals comparatively difficult. The Purple-Faced Leaf Monkey is perhaps the most observable of the mammals.


Browsers that feed off the forest floor include the Wild Pig, Sambhur, Mouse Deer and the Barking Deer. Leopards are seldom sighted but their presence is frequently confirmed by tracks. Also found within the forest are the rare Rusty-Spotted Cat and the Fishing Cat. The Flying Squirrel is also seen at dusk.


The Sinharaja Reserve is rich in bird life with an impressive 147 species recorded to date. The Red-faced Malkoha is an endangered and elusive bird, and a sighting is generally rated as the highlight of rainforest birdwatching.


Day 11 – NEGOMBO


124 Miles Approx 4 Hours


Boat Trip Through Muthurajawela Marsh

The southern end of Negombo Lagoon is area of conserved lagoon and wetland rich in bird life with 126 resident species and aquatic mammals such as otter, mongoose and fishing cat. Large Salt-Water Crocodiles and Water Monitors are also present.


Depart Sri Lanka – Daytime flights arrive back in UK the same day.

Wildlife Safari Tour Of Sri Lanka

First Class - Room And Breakfast (Breakfast)

Special Choice – Half Board (Breakfast + Dinner)

Based On 2 Persons Sharing Room

SUMMER: 01/05 – 31/10 WINTER: 01/11 – 30/04

£1572 PP
£1248 PP

*Price Excludes Beach Stay

*Special Choice - an eclectic choice of properties providing accommodation at affordable prices


Terms and Conditions


• Private tour of Sri Lanka in an air-conditioned vehicle with English speaking driver/guide.

• All entry fees for places of interest as described in itinerary including jeep hire at national parks. 

• Meal plan as stated. 



• Flight and accommodation supplements may apply at peak periods.

• Beach stay at end of tour if required will be charged separately with options given.



• Children under 6 years of age sharing parents bed are given the land tour FREE OF CHARGE!!

• Special rates available for 2 adults and 1 child sharing triple room.

• Discounts available for families and groups.



• You are welcome to suggest changes or alterations such as a more relaxed tour with fewer activities, additional nights at places that may interest you, and adventure activities like white-water rafting.

• Tell us about any special interests and we will incorporate them in to your tour schedule.

If you want to widen your choice of tour hotel options, go to our View All Hotels index and tell us the mix of hotel you wish to stay at? If you have chosen your own hotels, we will include these along with your quote request.



All distances are point to point and do not include stops for sightseeing en-route. Actual travelling times may vary according to traffic, local weather and other factors.



There are a large number of beach hotels featured on our website. You are welcome to browse the View All Beach Hotels index and ask for your own choice of beach hotel. Alternatively we will feature a standard set of 5 beach hotel options that we can personally recommend.


You are welcome to specify the actual number of beach nights you require - otherwise a 6 night beach stay is featured.



Unless specified, we usually feature the clockwise version of the tour, even for Summer Season enquiries, as the beach resorts on the South West and Deep South remain very popular at all times of the year. The East Coast is still regarded as a rather ‘adventurous’ destination.


If you request guaranteed fine weather, sea bathing, snorkelling or watersports, we will feature beach hotels located on the coast that is ‘in season’ at the time of your travel.

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  • A beautiful colonial-era hotel jutting out on a headland at Mount Lavinia, a beachside suburb of Colombo. The hotel has played host to Hollywood greats like Vivien Leigh and Gregory Peck. The Terrace

    The Mount Lavinia Hotel

    A beautiful colonial-era hotel jutting out on a headland at Mount Lavinia, a beachside suburb of Colombo. The hotel has played host to Hollywood greats like Vivien Leigh and Gregory Peck.

  • Grand Uda Walawe Safari Resort

    Grand Udawalawe Safari Resort

    The best option for up-market accommodation near to Uda Walawe National Park. A well designed resort hotel with landscaped gardens and large, spacious rooms. The hotel blends perfectly with its natural surroundings including a lovely stream in its grounds.

  • Big Game Safari Camp Yala

    Big Game Safari Camp Yala

    A permanent safari camp with easy access to Yala National Park. Tents are scattered in the scrub jungle with night-time barbecues and camp fires to make the experience authentic. Big Game Camp makes luxury safari camping affordable for the first time in Sri Lanka.

  • Turtle Bay

    Turtle Bay

    Stay in luxury 'off the beaten track' directly facing one of the most famous turtle nesting beaches in the island. Deserted beaches, a local fishing village and searching for giant turtles laying eggs by torchlight (Jan-July) as well as superb cuisine are highlights.

  • Mandara Resort

    Mandara Resort

    A beautiful small resort hotel on a stunning location between a lagoon and Weligama Bay, often described as one of the most beautiful in the world. There is easy access to Mirissa for Whale Watching. The resort has a chic, minimalist design feel with large, spacious rooms.

  • Rainforest Ecolodge

    RainForest Eco Lodge

    A unique concept of a luxury eco-lodge made out of recycled container units that are built on stilts on a tea estate bordering the Sinharaja Rainforest. Activities include treks deep into the rainforest to experience waterfalls and Sinharaja's lush bio-diversity.

  • Jetwing Beach

    Jetwing Beach

    The flagship property of the Jetwing hotel chain. A stylish and contemporary hotel, each of the rooms opens up into a large private terrace, which looks out over the Indian Ocean. A state of the art Spa, watersports and great child-care facilities are on offer.


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Elephant Island Tours is a truly customer focused organisation.Our first connect was with Justin in the London Office. He listened carefully to understand our particular needs and apparitions. We were most impressed by his speed of reply, helpful suggestions and advice. The tour fulfilled all our needs. You cannot overestimate the importance of the first contact - Thank you Justin.

The shop window of your organisation was our driver guide Mahendra. He proved to be very knowledgeable and a brilliant driver. He quickly became our friend. He was so helpful in all ways He never let us down. The car was more than adequate for our needs and always clean - Thank you Mahendra."

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Absolutely faultless. The detailed itinerary put together by Amanda at EI incorporated absolutely everything we wanted to do and gave us a fantastic overview of Sri Lanka, its culture, its wildlife and its history.

Our driver Rohan was exceptional. He drove us with care, explained everything in detail and offered us numerous additional stops for activities such as elephant rides, a look around Kandy market and a trip to Nuwara Eliya. I would make sure, next time I go to Sri Lanka, that I had Rohan driving me around.

If you're going to Sri Lanka you MUST book through EI! The whole process was so smooth and ensured that I had the most amazing time in what is surely one of the world's most beautiful countries."

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