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Whale Watching In Sri Lanka

Whale Watching In Sri Lanka
The World's Top Location For Whales!

Blue Whale At Mirissa

Whale Watching In Sri Lanka

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Whale Watching Essentials

Whale Watching trips from Mirissa Fisheries Harbour are possible between November and April of each year.


Boat trips start at 6:30 am in the morning and are of around 4 hours in duration. Please note that these are entirely dependent on the weather and sea conditions on a particular day.


There is a Rs 25 Entry Fee to get into Mirissa Fisheries Harbour.


Whale Watching in Sri Lanka is beginning to be regulated due to the enormous number of vessels now engaged in the trade. Elephant Island uses Mirissa Water Sports, which is the most reputed operator currently engaging in Whale Watching from Mirissa Harbour.


When To Go?

Whale Watching Is Possible All Year Round


Peak Seasons For Whale Encounters


Mirissa on the Deep South Coast, near Galle.

Kalpitiya on the North West Coast.



Trincomalee On The East Coast.


Swami Rock At Trincomalee Bay

Swami Rock At Trincomalee Bay


Whale Watching Boat Of Mirissa Watersports

Whale Watching Boat Of Mirissa Watersports


Whales In The Deep Seas Off Mirissa

Whales In The Deep Seas Off Mirissa


SUMMER: 01/05 – 31/10 WINTER: 01/11 – 30/04











Please contact us for prices inclusive of supplement cost for transfers from your beach hotel.

Frequestly Asked Questions About This Activity?

What Is The Best Location To Stay For Whale Watching?

Since Whale Watching requires an early morning start, it is preferrable to stay at least one night at or near Mirissa or Weligama on the Deep South Coast. Alternatively, a beach location near to Galle will allow travel to Mirissa within 30-40 minutes in the morning.


How Can I Get To Mirissa Fisheries Harbour From My Beach Hotel?

The cheapest way is to get a local taxi from outside of your beach hotel. Bargain hard and make sure you are dealing with a reliable person. Otherwise you can play safe and book through the hotel travel counter.


If Mirissa is included within a tour format, our driver guide will take you and pick you up from Mirissa Fisheries Harbour.


The World's Top Location For Whales!

"To see a Blue Whale at sea is something most of us can only dream about. To see more than one in a lifetime is a rarity reserved for a fortunate few" - Genevieve Johnson


Sri Lanka may be the world's top hot spot for Whale Watching due to a high concentration of Blue Whales and Sperm Whales that can be spotted in the seas off Dondra Head along the Deep South Coast of Sri Lanka during the months of January to April. The deep seas off Kalpitiya are another good location for Whale sightings.


There are peaks in the movement of Whales in Nov-Dec and again in March-April.


From June to September, the natural harbour at Trincomalee is a place where extremely close sightings of Sperm Whales are possible.


Mirissa – Deep South Coast

During the season, Mirissa is the most reliable site in the world for seeing the difficult and desired Blue Whale. It may also be the best place for seeing Sperm Whales. Large Baleen Whales and Toothed Whales also come within sight of the shore.


Seeing a Blue Whale during April can be almost guaranteed. Due to the calm seas between December and April, there is an outstanding window of opportunity for observing Blue Whales and Sperm Whales close to shore. Marine biologists believe that sightings have peaks in December and April because of a migration of whales between the Bay Of Bengal and the Arabian Sea that takes them near the shores of Sri Lanka.


Note : Whale Watching at Mirissa can be easily arranged as a day trip from all resorts of the South West Coast – although an early start may be required. Mirissa is only about 30 minutes from resorts near to Galle.


Trincomalee Bay 

A pioneering documentation of whales in the Trincomalee Bay began in the 1980’s by marine biologists of the research vessel The Tulip. They found out that Blue Whales and Sperm Whales were actually coming into the Trincomalee Harbour using a submarine canyon! The Whales of Trincomalee also featured in the award winning film "Whales Weep Not", the first underwater filming of Sperm Whales in their natural habitat. Trincomalee is now again tipped to be a major whale watching hot spot, as projects have begun to develop commercial whale watching in the area.


The amazingly beautiful seas around Swami Rock have deep waters where Whales literally come up to the shore!


Note : It is possible to go on Whale Watching Trips in Trincomalee Bay organised by The Sri Lanka Navy. Be aware that Trincomalee Bay is a High Security Zone and permits may be required.


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"We have returned from an excellent holiday in Sri Lanka.

Elephant Island Tours is a truly customer focused organisation.Our first connect was with Justin in the London Office. He listened carefully to understand our particular needs and apparitions. We were most impressed by his speed of reply, helpful suggestions and advice. The tour fulfilled all our needs. You cannot overestimate the importance of the first contact - Thank you Justin.

The shop window of your organisation was our driver guide Mahendra. He proved to be very knowledgeable and a brilliant driver. He quickly became our friend. He was so helpful in all ways He never let us down. The car was more than adequate for our needs and always clean - Thank you Mahendra."

BY: Tony Powell

"I have just returned from a 2 week holiday in Sri Lanka where I booked a 6 day overland tour through Elephant Island.

Absolutely faultless. The detailed itinerary put together by Amanda at EI incorporated absolutely everything we wanted to do and gave us a fantastic overview of Sri Lanka, its culture, its wildlife and its history.

Our driver Rohan was exceptional. He drove us with care, explained everything in detail and offered us numerous additional stops for activities such as elephant rides, a look around Kandy market and a trip to Nuwara Eliya. I would make sure, next time I go to Sri Lanka, that I had Rohan driving me around.

If you're going to Sri Lanka you MUST book through EI! The whole process was so smooth and ensured that I had the most amazing time in what is surely one of the world's most beautiful countries."

Feedback Posted On Facebook, July 2014.

BY: William Tite

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